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Contura stoves are ideal for new builds, extensions or for creating a stylish focal point in your home.

Contura is one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary woodburning stoves in Europe with their award winning stoves and vast range they are the perfect choice for making a real statement in your home.

Check out www.contura.eu to view the complete collection of stoves or VISIT OUR SHOWROOM  at Wye Vale Garden Centre Chartham to view a selection of their range.


Contura 51l - Woodburner

The 51L IS IDEAL FOR RECESSING INTO A FIREPLACE. A modern cast-iron stove with clean lines, removable handle and single air control for pratical functionality in a timelessly classic design. The 51L is Conturas best selling stove in the UK.


Contura 35 (Low version is the Bottom picture) 

The new Contura 35 stove really is an innovative product having won several awards already including first place in the Home & Hearth 2014 5kw Solid Fuel Stove & Red Dot Design.

Contura 35 low is a wood burning stove with a lot of choices: you can choose between glossy white steel or sober black steel. All stoves have a glass top and side glass areas so more of the fire can be seen. The door is available in cast iron or with a glass front. The wood stove is Swan marked and has high efficiency, which means that the stove produces more heat using less wood.

Contura 35 (Low) - Woodburning

Contura 556 (Style) - Woodburning

The generous side lights mean that you can see the fire from different angles in the room. With cleaner lines and a large glass door it gives a light and modern impression. The new handles do not get hot and are integrated into the front of the stove.



Contura 850 - Woodburner

The 800 series is a compact and attractive stove. It is only 36cm deep and 46cm wide making it very easy to position even in small spaces. Due to the excellent design the stove has generous areas of glass without losing efficiency in the firebox.

Contura 820T - Woodburner

Soapstone is a natural stone with the capacity to retain heat. This means that it will continue to give off heat long after the fire has gone out. One fire in the evening keeps the stove warm all night. The stone varies in colour and veining slightly, giving you a unique stove

The heat retention in the soapstone together with the heat tank in the cover gives off heat for several hours. Contura 450T has glass on three sides, and soft round lines. Glow of the fire spread throughout the room. The large glass sections reinforce the feeling of warmth. Available in black, white or grey.
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