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Installed Stove
Installed Stove
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  CHIM CHIMINEY SWEEPSInstalling..Sweeping..Servicing


At Chim Chiminey we give you the best deals on all our products. If you get a quote cheaper from any other showroom. in Kent.. we will beat it! 


This is the total cost including materials and labour! 

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to a fireplace in your home, a wood or coal burning stove could be the perfect solution. With our wealth of expertise, we can offer you friendly advice on the most suitable stove to suit your budget and your home, as well as providing a full installation service.

We bring a showroom to your living room so you dont even have to leave the confort of your own home. Book us for a FREE survey and we will bring everything you need to make the perfect choice. All the stove choices you would wish to see plus many before and after pictures of installations we have completed in the past. If you’re looking to complete your new stove with a classy fireplace, we can fit all varieties, including cast iron, limestone, marble and wood.

To find out more about our stoves, fireplaces and bird guards, give us a call on our free phone 07896111478 number or use the contact index at the top of the page.

no chimney ?....      no problem...        we can build you one!!

if you already have a chimney and want it lined for your new wood stove..            then we are ready to help!

To encourage flue gases to rise, we install a flexible steel sleeve through the existing chimney system, connecting it directly to the rigid pipe coming off the stove. Once this has all been fitted, we backfill with vermiculite insulation. When a stove is initially lit, the air vents are open to establish a hot blazing fire. Once this has been achieved, the stove user will turn the appliance down to enjoy the radiant heat from a controlled burn. Meanwhile the steel lining system has been brought up to optimum working temperature and the insulation around it helps to maintain the flue temperature during the long slumber burns, which are characteristic with stove use.


 If Scaffold or a Cherry Picker is required this would be a extra cost. We need to be waist high at the top of your chimney to install the liner. If you Email a picture of the chimney stack and the inside of the home we can give you a price straight away.

opening up old fire places to fit your new stove..

We can open up your fire place to take your new wood stove and liner. We do all the work from start to finish. New Lintel.. Plastering.. fitting hearths.. fitting surrounds.. anything that needs doing.. we do!


This is a two day job. The first day we open up the chimney breast and fit your new liner. We then take all the measurements for your new Hearths and steel box (if required) We also start the plastering ready for your second day.


On the second day we return and complete your installation. We fit the new hearths and surround (if you want one fitted) We will fit the steel box and totally complete your installation with a full demo of the stove in operation. 




Hearths.. Surrounds.. Stove and steel boxes are a extra costing.  Surrounds and Stoves vary in price depending on your choice. 

As you can see from the picture a steel box has been fitted with a 4 inch trim. Also black granite hearths have been fitted. We have the steel boxes hand made by a local company so we can get any size made with any size trim required. We also use a local company to hand make our hearths. There are many diffrent styles to choose from.

Twin wall sectional flue can be used in situations where no structural flue is available. We can create a chimney system through the home or out through an external wall if required


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